How to Change the Color of your Name in Brawl Stars [Solution]

Very Easy Procedure to Change the Color of Your Name in Brawl Stars
How To Change Color of Your Name in Brawl Stars

Yes, Now you can change color of your name in Brawl Stars. Playing Brawl Stars can be of more fun when you customise it to the maximum from Gamer End. So here we come up with this quick tutorial of Brawl Stars Color Codes to Change Your Name Color in Brawl Stars. One can also Change Username in Brawl Stars Game using this Guide, All you need to do is follow this step by step technique to use C# Color and get your Username color changed in Brawl Stars Game.

The best thing is- One can Change colour of name in Brawl Stars without Rooting or Jailbreaking. And also this will not lead to ban of your SuperCell BrawlStars gaming id as this method is approved and is official.
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Official Instructions to Change Color of Your Name in Brawl Stars By SuperCell

This quick guide along with screenshots will direct you to Change Color of your name in Brawl Stars game without any problem. We have also included the Video tutorial for the same as well at the end.

Step 1:Open up Brawl Stars Game on your Smartphone or PC and let the game be loaded.

Note: If you are playing Brawl Stars for the first time, then you need to first go through the instructions and start Brawl Stars Gameplay accordingly. Once you complete the initial training in the game, then you will be asked to Enter Your Name for the Brawl Stars game. You can now directly Jump to Step 4.

Step 2: Tap on the Setting Option [Three Bars] from the Top Right corner of the screen as can be seen below.

Change Color of your name in brawl stars game first step
Open Settings In Brawl Stars Game to Start with Changing Color of Your Name

Step 3: Now select “Change Name” from the last row in the Brawl Stars Settings menu.

Change Color of Name in Brawl Stars from Settings
Select Change Name Option In Brawl Stars Setting Menu to Change Color of Name

Step 4: The real magic of changing colors of your name in Brawl Stars game happens here. Now you need to Enter your new Username with ColorCode in Brawl Stars as follows:

Change Username color to green in Brawl Stars game
Code to Change Color of Your Name in Brawl Stars Game to Green

Note: Make sure that you type the code in small letters. i.e., “c” and not “C” in order to change to desired color with this Brawl Stars Color Change Guide.

Denotations of Above Code to Change Color of Username in Brawl Stars:

“<c1>Code that select Number 1 Color as desired color in the Name as per Color Chart.
#The Number of Color
which you want to Apply or see in your Username in the game
NAMEThe desired name you want to see as Colored in Brawl Stars Game.
</c>Closing of the Code

To explain you the above code, Let us first showcase Brawl Codes to Color your name in the game.

Brawl Stars Color Chart Codes for Name Coloring in Game Explained

One can change the color of username in Brawl Stars game with Nine different attractive looks.

CodeColor of Name in Brawl Stars Game
<c1>BrawlStarColorOne</c>BrawlStarColorOne (Black)
<c2>BrawlStarColorTwo</c>BrawlStarColorTwo (Red)
<c3>BrawlStarColorThree</c>BrawlStarColorThree (Green)
<c4>BrawlStarColorFour</c>BrawlStarColorFour (Blue)
<c5>BrawlStarColorFive</c>BrawlStarColorFive (Cyan)
<c6>BrawlStarColorSix</c>BrawlStarColorSix (Purple)
<c7>BrawlStarColorSeven</c>BrawlStarColorSeven (Yellow)
<c8>BrawlStarColorEight</c>BrawlStarColorEight (Magenta)
<c9>BrawlStarColorNine</c>BrawlStarColorNine (Burgundy)

Select the one you like from the above combinations of different colors available at Brawl Stars Color Codes.

Note: You are only allowed username with upto 7 characters if you are changing name with color name in Brawl Stars Game.

Step 5: Now Tap on Continue and you will now see that your Username in SuperCell Brawl Stars is now colored to your choice.

[How To] Video Guide to Change Color of Your Name in Brawl Stars

Here is the 100% Working video tutorial that demonstrates Brawlers to change the colour of their name without wasting their time. One can utilise the same time to level up faster in Brawl Stars and earn free gems.

Steps to Change Username or Color of Username in Brawl Stars 2019 Working Guide

Pros And Cons of Changing Color of Name in Brawl Stars

It is mandatory that we first see the benefits and loses if any when you are changing the Color of your name in Brawl Stars Game in Android or iOS phone. I would recommend that you try this special game of Brawl Stars on PC too which will enhance your gameplay as you see a larger area magnified which improves your attacking skills and thereby level up quickly in Brawl Stars Game.

Benefits of Changing Color of Your Name in Brawl Stars

One would be more comfortable in playing the game if it is more customisable and according to me it fills me with confidence when you are in your full beauty while you are playing the game of Brawlers.

Not only your Colored Name in Brawl Stars attracts your eyes but at the same time it makes you feel cool and stand out of the crowd as this is a quick hack to change color of your name in brawl stars. Not everyone knows about it until you are sharing this quick guide with your team of Brawlers.

Demerits of Changing to Color Name using Brawl Stars Color Codes

If you are a beginner in the game and has already made a choice of your Username in the game, then you need to first Complete up to Level 5 and then you will be able to change your name to color of your choice. Until then you will have to satisfy with only black color.

One has to limit the Username in BrawlStars Game within 7 Characters if you have chosen to make your username colored in Brawl Stars.

If you choose to change the Username in the Brawl Stars game after you switch to Colored name, then it is impossible to do so. As, for now, Brawl Stars only allows you to change the name in the game only for once and that too when you level up to Level 5.

FAQs and Their Fixes for Brawl Stars Color Name Changing Guide

We do not want you to face any problem and still at the end if you are stuck any where in the guide, then feel free to comment and we will guide you out and help you change your name color in Brawl Stars.

#1: Can we change to Color Names in Brawl Stars Private Server APK too?
Yes, One can change color of their username in Brawl Stars Private Server. The best thing is, In BrawlStars Private Servers, there is no limit of changing colors of the username in the game.

#2: Will my Brawl Stars Account get banned if I change Color of Username?
No, SuperCell has officially mentioned that Gamers can change their name in Brawl Stars Game “Only Once” and that too at when you reach Level XP 5, if you have already started playing the game.

#3: I cannot click on the Change Name option in the Brawl Stars Game. Getting “Name Change is Available starting from Experience Level 5”

How to Change name in Brawl Stars Game without level up
Unable to tap On Change Name option In Brawl Stars Game

Well, this happens when you have already started playing the game with your desired Username. Now you need to first reach Level XP 5 quickly in Brawl Stars to Enable Change Name option from Setting Menu in Brawl Stars. But be careful while you change the name this time, as you will have this last chance only as per Supercell official guidelines.

#4: I cannot add more than 7 Characters while Switching to Colored Name in Brawl Stars.
This is one of the limitation which you will face when you want to change your name to colored one in Brawl Stars. Therefore select a username which is only Seven Characters Long or less in order to get Colored touch via Brawl Star Color Codes.

#5: Can I Change Username in Brawl Stars Game with this tutorial?
Yes, this is the exact tutorial to Change UserName in Brawl Stars game. We are simply using this guide to Change your name or use the same but with the addition of Color to it.

#6: Username Color didnot change after following Brawl Stars Color Codes.
This generally happens when you Capitalise the code, i.e, instead of Typing the code as “<c4>”, you would have used as: “<C4>”, which breaks the purpose of the C# Color Technique to change Username color. So be careful while you type in the code.

Hope we helped you out with the best way possible in changing name of Brawl Stars Game with Colored one. Do share this quick guide with your fellow brawlers and let them enjoy the same. Do not forget to Subscribe to website for further Tips, Hacks and latest Brawl Stars Private Servers 2019.

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