Install Brawl Stars on PC/Laptop [Windows/MacOS]

Install Brawl Stars Game on PC or Laptop with Emulators
How To Install Brawl Stars on PC or Laptop Running Windows 10 or MacOS

Hey Brawlers, continue your legendary fights now on PC or laptop running Windows 7,8,10 or XP and also MacOS with our latest Brawl Stars for PC Gameplay. One can easily Download Game Brawl Stars for PC and enjoy the unlimited fights that you earlier played in SuperCell Powered Brawl Stars on Android or iOS.

Not only you install Brawl Stars on Windows 10 running machine or Laptop but at the same time you install the latest and updated version of Brawl Stars APK which means you will always stay inline with the realtime users playing Brawl Stars on their Android and iOS Devices.

Unlocking your favourite characters as you grow through the Brawl Stars game will be easily available to your once you figure out how you play the game. We, of course, have our own Tips and tricks to unlock your favourite Brawler with rapid speed. Do subscribe to the Brawl Servers to stay updated to latest hacks in the game for unlimited Coins and Gems.

We will be going through very easy steps to Download Game Brawl Stars for PC and prior to it we will be expanding you with the features of this version and also minimum requirements to run Brawl Stars on your

Features of Brawl Stars APK for PC or Laptop

Features of Brawl Stars APK on PC or Laptop
Best Features of Brawl Stars APK for PC Laptop Windows MacOS

Brawl Stars APK for Windows 7/8/10 or MacOS is very similar to the one you enjoy one your Smartphone. One of the biggest advantages of Playing Brawl Stars on PC is: One gets to play the game on the large screen and also One can use the better hardware controls to play the game by utilising the maximum hardware present on his PC. Alongside the large screen experience Brawl Stars APK for PC comes with the features that are mentioned as follows:

Get Brawl Stars Unlimited GemsGemsGet access to all the Brawl Stars Gems. Obtainable Via Real Life Money Or Brawl Boxes in Brawl Stars PC
Brawl Stars game Unlimited Tokens TokensWith Tokens, you will be able to purchase Brawl Boxes. These Brawl Boxes have a chance to contain items and even new playable Brawlers!
Easy method to get power points in Brawl StarsPower Points
Power Points are character-specific items which you can get in Brawl Stars PC.
Step by step to get unlimited tickets in Brawl stars gameTicketsTickets are special items you can use to participate in special Unranked events such as Robo Rumble and Boss Fight in Brawl Stars for PC Gameplay.
Brawl Stars APK with Unlimited TrophiesTrophiesIn the lower Trophy Ranks, you can earn as much as +8 Trophies when you are the last Brawler/s standing in Solo or Duo Showdown in Brawl Stars PC or Laptop.
Easy method to unlock all brawlers in Brawl Stars Private ServersBrawlersUnlock all the brawlers as you level up with the gameplay in Brawl Stars Android PC.
fastest servers in Brawl Stars APKSpeed Of ServersAs this version of Brawl Stars is Official by SuperCell, therefore the Speed of servers of Brawl Stars is quiet faster when you play the game on your PC or Laptop.
Latest Security Features in Brawl Stars APKSecurityBrawl Stars Official Servers are secure of all with DDOS protection and hence there is no loss of your Data while you Download Game Brawl Stars for PC.

This was the features of the Official Brawl Stars APK for PC. One can also seek Brawl Stars Private Servers 2019 which features unlimited Gems, Tokens, PowerPoints, Tickets which leads to unlocking of all Brawlers for free in the game.

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Minimum Requirements to Run Brawl Stars on Windows PC or MacOS Laptop

There is very small criteria that you would need to qualify to Play Brawl Stars on Windows PC or Laptop. Let us now hunt down the minimum requirements without wasting your time:

  • Download Brawl Stars Latest APK for PC version.
  • At least 4 GB of Free Space on your PC.
  • Updated Graphic Drivers in order to avoid crash while you enjoy free Brawl Stars on PC.
  • Download Android Emulator of your choice from the bottom of the post. Your Android Emulator should come with Android 4.3 and above to run Brawl Stars without a problem.
  • At least 2 GB of RAM to run Brawl Stars Game on PC without Lags.
  • Internet Connection along with Proper permissions while you install Brawl Stars for PC or Laptop.

There is two choices to Download Brawl Stars Game on PC/Laptop:
1. Manual Installation of the APK file that you downloaded.
2. Installation of Brawl Stars APK from Play Store itself.

We would recommend that you choose any of the methods. But to proceed with Method 2 you would first need to sign in with your Google ID in PlayStore of Android Emulator which you would be using to Play Brawl Stars on PC.

How To Play Brawl Stars on PC [Official Methods]

Finally, let us jump into the different working methods to Play Brawl Stars Game on PC using Android Emulators. Make sure that you have Brawl Stars Android PC APK file which you downloaded from above. Most of these are the Android Emulators with Controller Support. Now it is your choice to select the best Brawl Stars Android Emulator out of the following methods:

Bluestacks Brawl Stars
Nox Player Android Emulator
MEmu Android Player
KOPlayer Brawl Stars
Andy Android Emulator
LD Player

Install Brawl Stars PC using BlueStacks on Windows or MacOs PC

Brawl Stars PC Gameplay using Windows PC or Laptop
Easy Method to Download Game Brawl Stars for PC using Bluestacks on Windows or Mac

Bluestacks is considered as one of the best Android emulator which is capable of running Brawl Stars Game on PC without any lags or problems. Not only this, Bluestacks is compatible with both Windows PC and also MacOS loaded Mac or Macbook. Let us now jump with the guide to Brawl Stars Android PC with Bluestacks:

  1. Download BlueStacks from Official Website. (Choose the version Windows or Mac depending upon the OS you are running on.)
  2. Now install the BlueStacks app that you downloaded as a normal file and wait for the installation to be completed.
  3. Once Bluestacks is installed on your PC. Now Double Click “brawlstars apk for pc brawlservers_com.apk” that you downloaded earlier and wait for the installation to be completed.
  4. You have now successfully installed Brawl Stars APK on PC using Bluestacks. To enjoy the game to max make sure that you have GPU installed on your Computer.
  5. Now open BlueStacks Android Emulator and Start playing Brawl Stars PC version via Bluestacks.

How To Install Brawl Stars on PC using Nox Player

Nox Player to Install Brawl Stars APK on PC or Laptop
Guide to Install Brawl Stars APK on PC using Nox Player latest APK

Nox Android Emulator is another popular emulator which supports both Windows and MacOS Operating System. It allows users to customise the working environment to make it more user-friendly when comes to playing of Brawl Stars PC Game. Unlike other Android Emulators Brawl Stars Nox Player APK is much faster when running on Windows 10. Here is the quick guide to Install Brawls Stars for PC using Nox Player:

  1. Download Latest Version of Nox Android Emulator for Windows/Mac.
  2. Install Nox as normal executable file or DMG file on your PC or Laptop.
  3. Once Nox Brawl Stars Emulator is installed on your PC, Open it.
  4. Double Click the Brawl Stars PC Apk that you downloaded and wait for the installation to be completed.
  5. Once Installed, Open Nox Player again and find the Brawl Stars Icon and start playing Brawl Stars for PC with Nox Emulator.

Coming Android Emulators are now more specific to Windows Operating System. Therefore one needs to have Windows 10 or Windows 7/8/XP to run Brawl Stars Android Version.

Install Brawl Stars APK for Windows PC using MEmu Android Emulator

How To Install Brawl Stars APK on PC using MEmu Android Emulator
Step by step method to install Brawl Stars APK on PC using MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu Android Simulator limits to Windows OS running PC and Laptop. One can easily have Brawl Stars Android Game installed on your PC following this simple guide:

  1. Download the latest version of MEmu Android Player for PC that will help you run Brawls Stars latest APK.
  2. Install MEmu Player as Normal Executable file on Windows and let the procedure be completed.
  3. Open MEmu Android Emulator that you installed and then Double Click the Brawls PC Apk that you downloaded and wait for the installation of the game to be completed.
  4. Once Star Brawls APK installation is done, Open MEmu Player once again and enjoy the stunning Brawler fights gameplay on a large screen without lags.

Play Brawl Stars on PC using KOPlayer Latest Version

KoPlayer on PC to run Brawl Stars
Install Brawl Stars PC Apk using KOPlayer

KOPlayer, being one of the oldest Android Emulator is still capable enough to run Brawl Stars on Laptop powered by Windows. All you need to have is: Brawl PC APK version before proceeding.

  1. Download Latest Version of KO Player for Windows PC or Laptop.
  2. Open the Exe file of KO Player on your PC and install it like any other executable file.
  3. Now Open KOPlayer for the first time and let it run in background.
  4. Double Click and install Brawl PC APK “brawlstars apk for pc brawlservers_com.apk” which you earlier downloaded. Let the installation to be completed by itself.
  5. Open KO Player and find the SuperCell Brawl Stars APK and enjoy playing the PC version of Brawl Stars.

How To Play Brawl Stars On PC using Andy Android Emulator

How to install Brawl Stars on PC without Crashing
Play Brawl Stars On PC without Crash on Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator gives the basic Android User experience on Windows running PC or Laptop. It is compatible to run Brawl Stars on Windows 10/7/8/XP versions of PC. One first needs to have APK of Brawl PC downloaded before proceeding.

  1. Get Andy Android Emulator for your Windows from here.
  2. Install the emulator as a normal file which will help you run Brawl Stars APK on PC.
  3. Once installed, Open Andy Emulator latest version and let it run in the background.
  4. Now Double Click to Install Brawl Stars APK for PC on Andy Emulator and wait for the process to be completed.
  5. Open Brawl Stars PC version from the Andy Player which you just installed successfully. Mapping of Keyboard can be done lateron.

Install Brawl Stars Emulator using LDPlayer on Windows XP/7/8/10

LDPlayer Emulator to run Brawl Star on PC
Guide to Install Brawl Stars Private Server on PC using LDPlayer

LDPlayer offers multiple instances of Android running at the same time which means one can Play Dual or multiple versions of Brawl Stars on PC using LD Player Android Emulator. Here are the quick steps to Play Dual Mode of Brawl Stars APK on PC using LD Player:

  1. Download Updated version of LDPlayer on your Windows PC running Windows 10/XP/8/7.
  2. Now install Executable file of LDPlayer on your PC as normal file and wait for the installation to be completed.
  3. Double Clicks and Install Brawl Stars APK for PC that you downloaded and let it install while LDPlayer is running in the background.
  4. Open SuperCell powered Brawl Stars PC game and enjoy the unlimited gaming on your LD Player without any lags.

Tip: Another method to install Official Brawl Stars on PC via Android Emulators is: First Signing in with your Google ID into Google Play Store and then Installing Brawl Stars App via Play Store.

These were few of the simplest methods to get Brawl Stars game working on your PC or Laptop. Now let us jump to few of the tweaks that are required to Play Brawl Stars Game on PC smoothly.

Brawl Stars for PC GamePlay and Installalation [Video Guide]

Here is the quick video explaining how you can Install Brawl Stars APK on PC 2019 using Android Emulator (Bluestacks) and Play the game of Brawl Stars without lags or issues.

Video Tutorial to Install Brawl Stars Game On PC using Bluestacks in 2019

How To Map Keyboard and Mouse Settings on Brawl Stars PC

How to set Keys in Brawl Stars Game
How To Dedicate Keys in Brawl Stars PC Game

Unlike Tencent gaming buddy of PUBG which comes with Keys assigned in the standalone emulator itself, As Brawl Stars APK is not made for PC or Laptop directly. Therefore one needs to map Keyboard or mouse in Android Emulator to make Brawl PC APK work perfectly with Computer Controls. This is also because one cannot run Brawl Stars without Emulators. Here is the quick guide to setup Brawl Stars PC Controls on Bluestacks Brawl Stars Game.

Step 1: Open up the Emulator of your choice, in our case: “BlueStacks Brawl Stars” and Start Brawl Stars PC APK from the Emulator.

Step 2: After launching Brawl Stars, open the “game controls” screen by clicking the keyboard icon in the lower right corner of the interface. You’ll see what the default controls are.In the beginning You are using the WASD keys to move. You can use the left mouse button for normal attacks and E key for super attacks. If you press Space, you will automatically fire the nearest enemy in Brawl Stars PC game.

Play Brawlstars on Pc using Bluestacks
Setup Brawl Stars Keys in Bluestacks to play on PC

Step 3: Save the format whichever you like to ReMap your Keys in your own style while you Play Brawl Stars Game on PC using BlueStacks.

This is the simplest method to get your Brawl Stars keys mapped as per your choice on any of the Android Emulator. If you are stuck anywhere, then feel free to comment and let us know your problem.

Unlimited Everything Brawl Stars Private Server APK for PC [Bonus]

How about playing your favourite game of Brawl Stars with Unlimited resources, i.e, you get access to Unlimited Gems, Tokens, Tickets and eventually Unlock all Brawlers. Yes! This is all possible with the help of Brawl Stars Private Server APK which you can install.

Download Latest Brawl Stars Private Server PC APK for WIndows MAC
Brawl Stars Private Server PC APK with Unlimited Everything MOD

The procedure to install Brawl Stars Private Server APK for PC is same as we described as earlier. The Only difference that comes up is the Download Link for Private Server. You must first Download Brawl Stars Private Server APK and then install it as we discussed above in the guides and enjoy Unlimited Everything and faster Game Play in Brawl Stars.

Fixes for Common Issues: Crashes | Brawl Stars PC Not responding

As we are dealing with machines, therefore, it is usual that we might face some issues while we are Playing Brawl Stars Game On PC. Here are the few problems that we encountered while playing the game and their solutions which are working.

My Brawl Stars PC Game Crashes on Emulator.
This crashing issue of Brawl Stars APK on BlueStacks or Nox Player or any other Android Emulator happens when you allocate very less RAM to the Emulator. Therefore increasing RAM of Android Emulator will quick fix Brawl Stars PC Game Crash on Nox Player or Bluestacks Android Emulator.
Another workaround for this is- Installing latest Updated Brawl Stars APK for PC version manually from here or by signing in to PlayStore via your respective Android Emulator.

BlueStacks Brawl Stars Not Working on Windows PC.
Make sure that you have latest version of Graphics Drivers installed on your PC or Laptop. If you are running Android Emulator with Brawl Stars on virtual PC, then the game will fail to start. Therefore try to Install Brawl Stars PC version on System with Graphics Card in order to play smoothly without issues.

Bluestacks Keyboard Not Working In the Game Brawl Stars.
At any point of time after you have installed Brawl Stars on PC using Android Emulator, you might encounter that your keyboard stops working in the game. The best solution for the same is- Restart your Bluestacks or Nox Player and Play Brawl Stars PC Game again. If still the problem persists, then ReMap your Keys in the Bluestacks or Nox or any other Emulator to make keyboard working.

Apart from Brawl Stars PC Game failures, sometimes we even see that BlueStacks Starts Crashing or Nox Wont Open or andy emulator not working. This generally happens when the version of Android Emulator is old or you do not meet minimum system requirements to run those Good PC Emulators to Play Brawl Stars APK.

FAQs While You Install Brawl Stars on PC/Laptop

Many times we are surrounded by lot of questions when we proceed with the Procedure to Play Brawl Stars On PC. But we are always here to help you out. Here are few of the Frequently asked questions:

Do we need to Root Bluestacks or Root Nox Player?
No, We do not require any rooting of any of the Android Emulator, as Brawl Stars SuperCell APK or Brawl Stars Private Server APK is free to install and can be played easily on any Android Emulator without rooting.

Will my SuperCell Brawl Stars Account will get Banned if I Play from Emulator?
No, Your Brawl Stars Official Game account remains intact and will not face any bans if you play using the same ID on Android Emulator.

Can we Install Brawl Stars APK on MAC?
Yes, One can easily install Brawl Stars Latest APK on Mac running PC or Laptop. All you need to do is either install Bluestacks Brawl Stars or Nox Player Brawl Stars PC version DMG for your MacOS.

What are the Brawl Stars for PC Controls?
One might be amused as to how to lay attacks in Brawl Stars Game! Well, One can easily take over the game with the help of Keyboard or Mouse that are attached to your Android Emulator PC that acts as brawl stars controller and hence glorifies your Brawl Stars PC GamePlay on large screen.

How To Increase RAM for BlueStacks/Nox/Andydroid/KoPlayer/MemuPlayer/LDPlayer?
One can easily increase the RAM dedicated to their Brawl Stars Gaming Emulator by navigating to the preferences of the preferred Android Emulator on your Windows PC or MACOs Laptop.

Disclaimer: We keep on updating the resources from time to time. Therefore, we request you to Bookmark us and Subscribe to the website for latest versions of Brawl Stars APK for PC/Laptop.

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